11 Best Shopify Returns Apps in 2024

Streamline returns and exchanges for your Shopify store with the best returns apps in 2024. Enhance customer satisfaction and simplify the process.

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April 16, 2024

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Returns and exchanges are an inevitable aspect of running an online store. However, managing them can be a tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort. That's where Returns and Exchanges apps come in handy.

These apps automate the process of handling returns and exchanges, making it easier for merchants to manage and process them. With these apps, customers can initiate returns or exchanges directly from your website, without having to contact customer support. This not only saves time but also improves the customer experience.

In addition, these apps provide a variety of features such as return labels, tracking, and refund processing, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free. By using a Returns and Exchanges app, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue.

What are Returns and exchanges apps ?

Returns and exchanges are an inevitable part of any online store. The benefits of having a returns and exchanges app installed in your Shopify store are numerous. Firstly, it saves you a lot of time by automating the entire process, freeing up your time for more important things. Secondly, it helps improve your customer experience by providing them with a hassle-free way to return or exchange products.

This will ultimately boost customer loyalty and increase the chances of repeat sales. Thirdly, it helps you manage your inventory better by keeping track of the items that are being returned or exchanged, enabling you to make informed decisions about your stock. Finally, it helps you reduce costs associated with returns and exchanges by streamlining the process and minimizing errors.

Overall, investing in a returns and exchanges app is a smart move for any online store looking to improve their customer experience and streamline their operations.

1. AfterShip Returns

Automated returns solution for brands to save time and recapture revenue on returns

AfterShip Returns app offers a hassle-free return experience that enhances customer satisfaction, saves time, and boosts revenue. It enables merchants to retain lost revenue by encouraging customers to exchange instead of return. The app streamlines returns management by automating rules, monitoring insights, and managing returns in one portal.

With branded returns pages and automated email updates, customers can be at ease, while the self-service returns page and email notifications reduce customer anxiety. The app has smart return rules and flexible refund and exchange options that delight customers and recover revenue. It also includes automation rules for auto-refund and auto-restock, making manual work a thing of the past.

The regional return routing and carrier data help manage carriers efficiently and respond quickly, while the carrier and warehouse settings ensure quick and cheap package return and restocking.

2. Sorted Returns Center

Automate and simplify your returns, exchanges, refunds and labels to retain customers and revenue.

Sorted Returns Center (previously Clicksit) offers competitive Collect+ and USPS labels automatically generated or uploaded by you. Your customers can easily request returns, refunds, or exchanges on a branded portal, and you can keep them informed with customisable notifications.

The app allows you to set rules, track progress, and get return insights on a management dashboard. Additionally, auto-features streamline return approvals, refunds, and exchanges with one-click refund approval and auto-creation of new orders. With a branded returns portal, you can maintain your store's look and feel on your domain.

3. Loop Returns & Exchanges

Automate your returns to reduce costs, retain more revenue, and drive customer loyalty with returns.

Loop Returns & Exchanges is the ultimate solution for your brand's returns. It enhances customer lifetime value and boosts sales by providing a personalized shopping experience within the returns process. The app is customizable to cater to your brand's unique requirements at all stages of growth.

Loop enables you to optimize return costs, transform returns into a profit center, and prevent return losses without penalizing your loyal customers. With its proactive capabilities, you can proactively reduce return rates and offer cost-effective, premium return experiences. Make returns stress-free and improve your brand's returns with Loop.

4. Return Prime:Order Returns app

Returns & refund app | Automated requests approval | Send return label | Customisable customer flow

Return Prime is the ultimate solution for managing all returns, exchanges, and refunds in one place. With its customer-friendly portal, you can easily customize the return process to meet your unique needs. This app allows you to send return labels, offer in-store returns, and refund via store credit, making the returns process more efficient. Plus, you can seamlessly connect with your choice of logistics and 3PL for a hassle-free returns operation.

Say goodbye to outdated returns apps, as Return Prime makes it easy to migrate to this futuristic solution. With Return Prime, you can streamline your returns process and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

5. Trackr Order Tracking, Returns

Improve buyers’ post-purchase experience with order tracking; manage returns to increase loyalty.

Trackr Order Tracking, Returns is the ultimate app for merchants who want to streamline their returns management and order tracking process. With this app, you can easily create a branded tracking page on your website and customize it to enhance your brand's image. Trackr allows for real-time order tracking by collecting information from over 900 carriers about package status and location.

This app also enables you to automate returns and exchanges, saving you time and hassle. With timely email notifications and triggered flows, you can stay on top of your orders and manage your RMA requests with ease. Additionally, Trackr allows you to hide all carriers' names and locations, making it perfect for dropshippers. Other features include estimated delivery time, tracking checkpoints translation, and shipping analytics. 

6. ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges

Automate returns & exchanges with a branded self-service return portal for easy returns management.

ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges - The ultimate solution to manage returns & exchanges effortlessly. Say goodbye to complicated RMA processes and hello to an exchange-first returns platform. With just one click you can offer your customers an automated, branded, AI-powered return portal for a positive post-purchase experience. Customize your return & exchange policy rules, resolutions, eligibility conditions, and return reasons to automate your entire workflow.

Get actionable insights based on AI and returns data to increase your bottom line. The app offers product & variant exchange, gift returns, cancel order, store credit, and more. It also includes flexible return reasons, follow-up questions, and image & video upload. The automation rules such as auto-exchange, auto-refund, auto-approve, and auto-credits make things even easier.

Enjoy the benefits of automatically generated pre-paid return shipping labels for tracking returns. Plus, integrations with shipping carriers, 3PLs, ERPs, helpdesks, APIs & more. 

7. Returnly by Affirm

Automate returns and exchanges to save time, increase revenue, and keep your customers coming back

Returnly by Affirm simplifies the returns and exchanges process, providing convenience and customization that enhances customer satisfaction and boosts retention. The app allows customization of policies, return reasons, branding, and email notifications, making it easier to tailor the experience to your business.

With auto-ship exchanges, easy gift returns and exchanges, and printerless QR code returns, Returnly saves time and revenue. The two-tiers of return reasons and custom return reports offer deeper insights to help optimize your business.

8. easyReturns | Order Returns

Simplifies your returns, for you and your customers!

Looking for a way to seamlessly manage your online store's returns? Look no further than easyReturns | Order Returns. This app takes Shopify's native return capabilities to the next level, offering a customizable returns portal that can be tailored to your brand's unique identity.

With easyReturns, you can store your own return reasons and refund methods, and even automate the creation of DHL, GLS, or DPD return labels and slips. Plus, with automatic label provisioning based on rules like the value of goods, managing returns has never been easier. 

9. FlexReturn Return Center

Smart return center to request and mange returns, exchanges, and refunds. Simplify return management

FlexReturn Return Center is the ultimate solution for online store owners who want to simplify and streamline their return management process. With smart return rules, you can provide your customers with the best return resolutions that suit their preferences. The customizable and beautiful return page supports 12 multi-languages, making it easy for customers to navigate.

The app also offers automatic return approval and shipping label generation, which saves you and your team an enormous amount of time. With email notifications sent to your customers at each step of the return process, you can ensure that they are always in the loop. Moreover, the app's smart rules show customers the optimal return options and reject unwanted return items.

Customers can also choose different product variants to exchange and upload proof photos. With auto shipping label, auto restock, and auto return approval features, the return process is simplified and hassle-free for both you and your customers.

10. Exchange It: Returns Manager

Easiest app for Returns | Generate Customer Refunds | Restock Inventory | Create Exchange Orders

Exchange It: Returns Manager effortlessly integrates return requests into your workflow, allowing you to manage returns, refunds, and inventory restocking within Shopify. With Exchange It, you can streamline your customer service process and order management. Simply click "Exchange with Exchange It" in the customer's original order to create a new order.

This app is a simple and easy-to-follow process used by thousands of merchants. Manage your returns directly from existing orders in Shopify and choose which products to restock while selecting the inventory location. You can generate variable refunds or auto-calculate them from returned items. The Exchange order will be created in your Orders page, ready for fulfillment! 

11. Rich Returns

Return app that automates your returns, exchanges, refunds, prepaid return labels, and store credit!

Rich Returns automates your returns process to save time and enhance customer satisfaction. It offers a self-service custom-branded return page that integrates with your online store, enabling customers to initiate returns and exchanges quickly. The app suggests exchanges instead of returns to recapture lost revenue, and automatically generates prepaid return labels from over 50 carriers worldwide.

With Rich Returns, you can also set up automated rules to accommodate your return policy and exchange terms. The app keeps your customers informed throughout the entire process with automated email notifications. 

Managing returns and exchanges is an integral part of providing excellent customer service and fostering trust in e-commerce. By leveraging these top Shopify apps for returns and exchanges, businesses can streamline operations, reduce manual effort, and improve customer satisfaction. Implementing a robust returns process can lead to enhanced trust, increased customer loyalty, and a positive impact on overall business reputation.

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