11 Best Shopify Product Reviews Apps in 2024

Boost customer trust and sales with the top 11 Shopify product review apps in 2024. Easily collect and showcase authentic reviews to drive success.

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April 16, 2024

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Product reviews are critical to any online store's success. They help build trust and credibility with potential customers, and they also provide valuable feedback for improving your products. A good product reviews app will make it easy to collect and display customer testimonials on your site.

It should offer customizable review forms, automated review requests, and integration with popular review platforms like Google and Yelp. Look for an app that also provides rich snippets for SEO and the ability to respond to customer reviews. With a top-notch product reviews app, you can show off what customers are saying and boost your sales.

What are Product reviews apps ?

Product reviews are an essential aspect of any e-commerce store as they help build trust between the brand and the customer. By integrating product review apps, merchants can allow customers to leave honest feedback on their purchases, which not only helps prospective buyers in making informed decisions but also provides valuable insights to the merchants about their products.

Moreover, positive reviews can boost the store's credibility and increase sales, while negative feedback can help identify areas for improvement and lead to better customer satisfaction. Overall, product review apps help merchants create a transparent and trustworthy relationship with their customers.

1. Product Reviews

Highlight what customers love about your products by adding ratings and reviews to your online store

Product Reviews is the perfect app for collecting and sharing customer reviews on your online store's product pages. This app enables customers to rate and review products, providing valuable feedback to help others make purchasing decisions. With its theme-friendly design, reviews match your store's look and feel. You can easily customize layout, text, and colors without coding.

Managing reviews is a breeze with bulk actions, as you can publish, hide, filter, and manage them quickly. The app also supports CSV import and export, making it easy to manage large volumes of reviews. Additionally, the app adds SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results, further enhancing your visibility.

2. Judge.me Product Reviews

Collect and display product reviews and star ratings. Build trust and boost sales with social proof.

Judge.me Product Reviews is a review app available in 37 languages. It offers unlimited email review requests including photos and videos, and in-email review forms. Improve your conversion rate by displaying star ratings, store and product reviews, trust badges, and a reviews carousel. Share reviews on social media platforms, Google Shopping, and Rich snippets. Synchronize and group product reviews across different products and stores. Engage your reviewers with Q&A, coupons, and email marketing integrations. Personalize widgets with customized texts, colors, and themes, or reach out to our 24/7 support team for basic design tweaks. Setup is easy and tailored to your store.

3. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Grow your brand with social proof marketing - Customer reviews, photos, videos and referrals.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos is a social proof solution that boosts your brand's credibility with reviews and referrals. It allows you to collect product reviews with photos and videos, and display them in customizable widgets. With Loox Referrals, you can expand your customer base by rewarding them for referring friends.

You can even send automatic review request emails and offer discounts for adding a photo or video. It integrates with Google Shopping and generates referral links to increase order value. Loox operates on auto-pilot, supports multi-lingual stores, and seamlessly integrates with your tech stack.

4. Ryviu: Product Reviews & QA

Ryviu is a product review app that helps you generate eCommerce social proof, increase trust & sales

Ryviu is the ultimate solution to boost your eCommerce sales and enhance credibility. With Ryviu, you can effortlessly display customer reviews on your store in multiple themes. Import reviews with photos from various sources, including Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, CSV, and more. Moreover, it allows you to send personalized emails to customers for collecting reviews.

Ryviu also features Question & Answer that enables customers to ask questions about your products. With Ryviu, you can drive traffic, improve SEO, and ultimately increase sales while enjoying dedicated support through live chat. Experience the difference today!

5. Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC

Collect and display user-generated content (UGC) such as Ratings & Reviews to showcase social proof.

Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC is the perfect app for eCommerce brands seeking to strengthen their social proofing. With AI-powered reviews widgets, it helps collect high-quality product reviews to enhance the path to purchase. Its partner integrations allow brands to display reviews and star ratings on social media and search engines such as Google. Yotpo Reviews also unlock synergies between SMS and loyalty.

Besides, the app offers Google Seller Ratings and Google Shopping Ads to help you stand out on search. You can leverage Smart Filters to display relevant content and build buyer confidence. Customize your reviews widget with the marketer-friendly solution and collect and display Photo & Video reviews to showcase social proof.

6. Judge.me AliExpress Reviews

Import unlimited reviews from AliExpress. Display reviews using Judge.me or any review app.

Judge.me AliExpress Reviews is the ultimate solution to import unlimited reviews from AliExpress. With its easy installation process and Shopify product integration, you can apply multiple filters to get the exact reviews you need. You can even create import settings and run multiple imports simultaneously to save time.

Plus, it offers seamless integration with Judge.me or other review apps, and allows you to import reviews directly from AliExpress pages with the Chrome extension. With review photos and descriptive UGC, you can build trust and increase your conversion rate.

7. Areviews ‑ Reviews Importer

Import photo reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, Shein and many more websites in few clicks

Areviews - Reviews Importer is a powerful app that simplifies the process of importing photo reviews from AliExpress and other websites. With just a few clicks, you can collect photo reviews from your customers and display them in various styles, enhancing your store's credibility and increasing sales.

The app offers various ways to display reviews, including sliders, popups, and badges, making it easier to choose a layout that suits your store. You can also track visitors and send emails to customers for each new order, boosting your conversion rates. Additionally, the app supports bulk import from products importer apps like Importify or Dropified, and you can import reviews from supported websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, or via CSV. The app also auto-syncs new reviews, ensuring that your products always look active.

Finally, Areviews integrates with many apps and services such as Google shopping and Google snippet, and has a messaging system for new orders where you can send messages and coupons. 

8. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped helps you capture and showcase high-converting reviews & ratings, photos & videos, and Q&A.

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is a highly effective app that can increase your revenue through various features such as high-converting product reviews, photo and video reviews, and Instagram Shoppable Gallery. It is fully customizable to match your brand's style and has on-site display widgets. You can moderate and comment on reviews, and also collect and import reviews from various sources such as NPS, Q&A, Google Reviews, and Shoppable Instagram.

This app provides search rich snippets for SEO, which can improve your Google Shopping and SEO ranking. Site widgets, banners, templates, and emails are also included to boost review conversions. Google integration is available to help rank higher on Google Seller and Product Ratings.

9. Vitals: All‑in‑One Marketing

The All-in-One Conversion Marketing app: Reviews, Upsells, Bundles, Replays, Pop-Ups, and 40+ more

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing is the ultimate solution for increasing conversions on your online store. With over 40 powerful tools integrated seamlessly, Vitals helps you capture and retain customers effectively. From collecting product reviews to creating upsells and bundles, and growing your email list with pop-ups, Vitals has everything you need to transform your site into a sales-driving machine. Enjoy features like Wishlist, urgency and scarcity notifications, email and push marketing, Instagram feed, live chat, currency converter, size chart, and much more.

With Vitals, you can easily collect, import, and request product reviews, build unlimited bundles and volume discounts, record and replay visitor actions, and much more. So, take advantage of features like Wishlist, Sticky Add To Cart, Trust Badges, Size Chart, and more to boost your conversion rates today with Vitals.

10. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Harness product reviews' power to build trust & boost sales. Collect, manage & show reviews in 1 app

Ali Reviews is the ultimate solution for managing and displaying product reviews. It simplifies the process of earning customer feedback through automated email and SMS requests. You can effortlessly import reviews from AliExpress to increase customer confidence. Display star ratings on Google Shopping and on your website with attractive widgets without any slowdowns.

Ali Reviews also offers an incentive program and follow-up emails to motivate customers to share their reviews. Increase your traffic with Google Shopping Ads, review rich snippets and social media. Boost your sales with higher-quality reviews.

11. Trustoo Product & Ali Reviews

Trustoo review app makes it easy for brands to collect, display, and amplify customer content.

Trustoo Product & Ali Reviews is the ultimate social proof solution for your online store. This fully customizable app lets you collect product reviews with photos from your customers automatically, and display them in visually stunning widgets that build trust with visitors and help them make informed purchase decisions.

With multi-lingual support, auto-translation, and unlimited import from AliExpress, you can easily reach new customers and expand your brand. Plus, you can send automatic review request emails, offer discounts for adding photos, and share reviews to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to increase organic traffic. 

Product reviews play a vital role in building trust, influencing purchase decisions, and driving sales for online businesses. By utilizing these top Shopify product review apps, businesses can harness the power of customer feedback to build credibility, increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.

As customer reviews continue to be a key factor in online purchasing decisions, these 11 Shopify product review apps serve as valuable tools for businesses to optimize their review collection and display processes

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