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How many orders did you get last month?

500 orders

Plus Plan


for orders from 201 to 500 orders per month

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Orders exceeding plan limits are charged at $0.2 per order.


Will the recommendation widgets match my store theme?

Yes, the app widgets offer style customization. Our developers will style the widgets to match your store's theme during setup.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer 24/7 support over email. You can raise a support ticket directly from the app.

Does the app integrate with 3rd party shopify apps?

We are working on integrations with rating & reviews apps, email marketing providers. In the meantime we offer custom integrations for any 3rd party apps that your store uses.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, your store data is used only to generate recommendations. Your data is sent to your Google Cloud Project. We do not share data with any 3-rd party. You can read ourPrivacy Policyas well asGoogle Recommendations AI's Data Use Policy

Will the app slow down my store?

Our tracking script and widgets use modern JS to reduce loading speed and have minimal impact on your website's speed.

Is Google Retail AI fee included in your pricing ?

No, Google Cloud fees are not included in our pricing. Refer toGoogle Retail AI prices