Personalization across the buyer journey

Google has spent years delivering recommended content across flagship properties such as Google Ads, Google Search, and YouTube. We draw on that experience in machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations that suit each customer's tastes and preferences across all your touch points.

Recommendation Types


Others You May Like

The 'Others You May Like' model predicts the next product that a user is most likely to engage or convert with. The prediction is based on the shopping and viewing history of the user and the candidate product's relevance to a current specified product.

others you may like widget

Recommended for You

The 'Recommended for You' model predicts the next product that a user is most likely to engage with or purchase, based on the shopping or viewing history of that user and contextual information of requests, such as timestamps.

recommended for you widget

Frequently Bought Together

The 'Frequently Bought Together' model predicts items frequently bought together for a specific product within the same shopping session. If a list of products is being viewed, then it predicts items frequently bought with that product list. This recommendation is useful when the user has indicated an intent to purchase a particular product (or list of products) already, and you are looking to recommend complements.

frequently bought together widget

Similar Products

The 'Similar Items' model suggests products that are likely similar to the product under consideration. Recommended to be used on product description pages or when a product is sold out.

similar products widget

Recently Viewed

The 'Recently Viewed' model displays the products the user recently interacted with, with the most recent products first.

recently viewed widget

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