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Revolutionize the way your customers shop for beauty and personal care

Win new customers and keep them for life with personalized recommendations your customers will love. Turn cold traffic into loyal repeat buyers.

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The online beauty and personal care market is getting highly competitive, with many brands vying for customers' attention and dollars.

How PersonalizerAI is helping Beauty and Personal Care brands

PersonalizerAI's AI-powered product recommendations can help beauty and personal care eCommerce brands increase sales, build stronger relationships with customers and gain a competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of online beauty and personal care.

Without PersonalizerAI


Cart Abandonment

Customers adding items to their cart but then failing to complete the purchase resulting in lost sales and revenue.


Using PersonalizerAI

Boost conversion rates and skyrocket your sales

Provide personalized recommendations and incentives that encourage customers to complete their purchase, recovering potential lost sales.

Without PersonalizerAI


Limited customer engagement

Customers visit the website briefly, browse a few products, and then leave without making a purchase.


Using PersonalizerAI

Boost your customer satisfaction and loyalty

Provide personalized product suggestions, send targeted marketing messages, and tailor the shopping experience to the customer's preferences, improving the customer experience and building loyalty.

Without PersonalizerAI


Information Overload

Customers are overwhelmed with product options, making it difficult for them to find the products they are looking for.


Using PersonalizerAI

Help all customers find what they're looking for

Simplify the product discovery process by suggesting personalized and relevant recommendations that helps customers to find what they're looking for even when they don't know what that is.

“Since implementing Recommendations AI we've seen impressive results with a 50% increase in CTR on our product pages and a nearly 2% increase in overall conversion rate on our homepage relative to our previous ML-driven recommendations.”

Jaclyn Luft | Manager, Site Personalization & Testing | Sephora

Beauty and personal-care goods brand

AI product recommendations generate 35% of's revenue.What if you can use Amazon-quality product recommendations for your brand?

With PersonalizerAI's, beauty and personal care eCommerce brands can provide a personalized shopping experience that converts more of your visitors into buyers. Stand out among your competitors and increase sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Home Page

Convert New and Anonymous Visitors

The majority of visitors on fashion eCommerce sites are new or anonymous. Delight and convert them right away with highly personalized product recommendations.

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Product Page Upsell

Show Your Customers You Value Them

Build stronger customer relationships and increase brand loyalty by showing that you understand and value your customers' preferences.

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Cart/Checkout Upsell

Increase Average Order Value

Increase the number of items customers add to their carts by providing personalised product recommendations they can't say no to, resulting in a higher average order value.

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Post-purchase Upell

Keep them coming back for more

Encourage return visits by providing each of your customers with recommendations tailored to their individual preferences and tastes.

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Provide a personalized and effortless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Click-thru rate

driven by recommendations



driven by recommendations



driven by recommendations


Total revenue

per visit

Source: Google LLC. Actual results will vary by retailer.

80% of customers said they have switched brands because of poor customer experience.

Stop losing customers and revenue to your competitors.Differentiate your brand with AI personalization.

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