16 Best Shopify Popup Apps to Boost Your Sales in 2024

Looking for the best Shopify popup apps to boost your sales? Here are best apps to create effective popups that convert visitors into customers.

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Shaswat Saxena


April 16, 2024

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Popups are a crucial way to capture visitors' attention and drive conversions. With the best Popups Shopify apps, you can create eye-catching popups that appear at the right moment to engage your visitors and encourage them to take action.

Whether you want to offer a discount, promote a sale, or simply collect email addresses, these apps make it easy to create popups that are visually appealing, easy to customize, and highly effective. So if you're looking to boost your store's engagement and conversions, be sure to check out the best Popups Shopify apps today.

What are Shopify Popup apps ?

Popups are a highly effective way to capture your visitors' attention and drive conversions on your Shopify store. By presenting targeted offers, promotions, and calls-to-action in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner, popups can help boost your email list signups, increase your sales, reduce cart abandonment, and grow your social media following.

With the right popup app, you can easily create and customize popups that match your store's branding and design, target specific pages and audiences, and track your performance metrics to optimize your strategy over time.

Overall, popups are a powerful tool for any Shopify merchant looking to enhance their online presence and drive more revenue.

1. Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Your all-in-one ecommerce platform to grow your sales with popups, email, and SMS marketing.

Privy - Pop Ups, Email, & SMS is the ultimate Shopify app for growing your business. With Privy, you can easily design email newsletters, launch website popups, and automate cart saver texts. It offers easy-to-use drag and drop email editor with pre-built templates, dozens of popup display options, and email & SMS automations.

Privy is built for ease-of-use, making it perfect for Shopify businesses that want to focus on growth. And if you ever have any questions, our expert support teams are always there to help you every step of the way.

2. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Create your own loyalty and rewards program to turn first-time customers into forever customers

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards is a powerful app that helps boost sales and retain customers with loyalty, referrals, and VIP rewards programs. It takes only minutes to set up, without any coding. With easy integrations and 24/7 expert support, managing loyalty is effortless.

The app lets you customize rewards, encourage repeat purchases, integrate with favorite apps, and auto-translate your entire loyalty program to one of six preset languages. Remind customers of their points and referral link with Nudges to keep them engaged.

3. Rivo Popups ‑ Email Pop ups

Build your email list & offer discounts using a beautiful popup that converts visitors to customers

Rivo Popups- Email Pop ups is the ultimate solution to enhance your customer base by offering customized discounts through pop-up windows. It's easy-to-use design style editor makes it easy for you to personalize the pop-up window as per your choice.

Using the form display rule settings, you can decide when and where the pop-up appears on your store. The app automatically adds opt-ins to your Shopify customer list, helping you to use them in your email marketing campaigns. With Rivo Popups, you can capture unlimited emails and build your customer list effortlessly.

Additionally, the app offers a persistent sticky coupon bar as a reminder to visitors to use their promotion. You can also import custom fonts or use custom CSS code to add a unique look and feel to your store.

4. SmartPopup: Promotion Popup

Reduce abandoned carts and promote all significant events

SmartPopup: Promotion Popup is the perfect app to showcase your offers to your customers. It allows you to display your offers on all pages including the home, cart, and product pages. The app also lets you show offers to customers when they visit or try to leave your store.

The app is highly customizable and allows you to target specific customers, increasing the effectiveness of your promotion campaign. You can show popups to customers on your email list, customers with specific products, or a specific number of products to upsell and cross-sell.

With SmartPopup, you have the flexibility to show your special offers anywhere on your website, on multiple devices. You get 100% control over the pop-up with customization ability, and can choose from different types of popups including Newsletter, Video, Coupon, Countdown, and Automatic Discount.

5. Sales Pop‑up Conversion Pro

Sales Pop-up creates urgency, social proof & FOMO using timer, shipping bar & sales notifications

Sales Pop-up Conversion Pro is the perfect app for creating urgency and social proof on your online store. With its Sales Popup and Sold Counter features, it boosts sales and generates curiosity among customers. The Countdown Timer creates a sense of urgency, while the Quick View and Trust Badges build trust and social proof.

Additionally, the Stock Countdown and announcement bar encourage visitors to make a purchase. Other useful features include Product Visitors Counter, Free Shipping Bar, Sticky Cart Drawer, and Share Cart. This app is a must-have for any online store looking to increase sales and build trust with their visitors.

6. beeclever GDPR Legal Cookie

Make your store GDPR compliant with ease

Beeclever GDPR Legal Cookie is the ultimate solution for ensuring that your online store is in compliance with cookie banner rules. The app allows you to prevent cookies and scripts from being set based on the visitor's choice.

Additionally, the app's editor allows you to customize the cookie banner's design to seamlessly integrate with your store's existing design. The app is also compatible with all cookies and tracking scripts of your apps and integrations, making it easy to bring your store up to legal compliance in just a few minutes.

With its easy-to-use editor, setting up third-party cookies is effortless, even for those who lack technical knowledge.

7. POWR Pop: Sales / Signup Popup

Collect more emails, reduce cart abandonment rates, and close more sales with the POWR Sales Popup.

POWR Pop: Sales / Signup Popup can revolutionize your online store's success. With this app, you can easily display promotions, discount codes, and sales campaigns to boost conversion rates and increase profits. Select from hundreds of templates to match your current seasonal strategy.

Additionally, you can collect contact information and create an autoresponder email to stay engaged with your customers. POWR Pop helps you generate leads, increase sales, and improve newsletter and blog subscriptions. Moreover, you can customize the layout, content, design effects, CTA buttons, and page overlay.

You can place popups in different locations, set floating buttons, and minimize content. Personalize your success message or set a link redirection. Choose when, where, and how often your popup will appear to your customers. 

8. OptiMonk: Popup, CRO, A/B Test

Popups, Website Personalization and A/B Testing in one suite. Increase the ROI of your marketing.

OptiMonk is the ultimate app for Shopify merchants looking to boost their sales. With high-converting popups featuring proven tactics such as discount codes, limited-time offers, gamification, product recommendations, and free shipping bars, you can make your store work harder for you.

Build your email and SMS list with our easy-to-use popups. Create personalized landing pages that will make your customers feel understood and increase conversions. With A/B testing, you can constantly improve performance. OptiMonk is the perfect solution for merchants who want to see results from day one.

9. Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup

Boost sales & increase trust by providing your customers with social proof of recent sales pop ups.

Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup generates social proof from cart and sales notifications, boosting your conversion rates and generating more sales. With our 4 customizable sales notification templates, you can apply a sales popup with just one simple button click.

The design is fully customizable to match your store, making it easy to create a seamless brand experience. With analytics, you can track every sales popup click and gain valuable insights into your buyers. Best of all, no coding is required, and the app works seamlessly with any other app or theme.

Customize any aspect of the sales popup with built-in custom CSS and custom JS. Try Proof Bear ‑ Sales Popup for fast social proof and increased sales.

10. Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups

AI-driven conversion platform where intelligent conversion optimization meets personalized marketing

Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups is a conversion marketing and analytics platform designed to help retailers boost their sales. It offers a range of powerful tools such as Ecommerce promotions, email capture popups, and relevant website messaging to engage and convert visitors.

With Justuno, you can target new visitors and grow your email database, use exit offers to recover abandoned carts, improve AOV with intelligent product recommendations, sync email lists from Google Ads & Facebook to enhance ROAS, and personalize onsite experiences to engage visitors. Plus, it comes with incredible design capabilities, robust traffic segmentation, and conversion analytics to help you optimize your online store.

11. ToastiBar ‑ Sales Popup

Automatically display recent sales & add to cart popups to increase your sales on your online store.

ToastiBar - Sales Popup app boosts your sales by displaying notifications and popups to your store visitors. It showcases recent sales, added-to-cart products, visitor count, and product visitors count to build trust and encourage buyers.

With ToastiBar, your store will appear busy, which adds to its credibility. This app offers numerous other features to help you increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

12. POP! Sales & Live Activity Pop

Turn browsers into buyers by showing recent sales popups. Increase sales by creating trust & urgency

POP! Sales & Live Activity Pop is the ultimate tool to elevate your online store. This app creates a magical little bubble that captivates your visitors and boosts your sales. With just a few clicks, you can add psychological triggers that increase conversions and gain credibility by showcasing real-time purchases.

POP! Sales & Live Activity Pop offers a variety of out-of-the-box templates to create beautiful designs for every occasion. Additionally, it supports over 13 languages and showcases customer and sales proof based on visitor location. Track your success with a powerful dashboard that monitors views, clicks, cart summary and order summary.

With POP! Sales & Live Activity Pop, you can display live visitor count, reviews, and recent sales popups on your Shopify store. 

13. EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups

Grow your email & SMS marketing list with opt‑in or spin wheel popups to boost your sales.

EcomSend Pop Ups is the ultimate e-commerce solution for increasing customer base. With its fully customizable popups, it helps you grow your email and SMS marketing list while retaining exit intent to convert leads.

EcomSend easily integrates with any Shopify marketing app, and subscribers are automatically added to Shopify. No coding skills are needed, and the app offers 24/7 support via online chat or email.

Optimize your email and SMS marketing list with pop-up forms and sign-up options, retain potential customers with exit intent or spin the wheel popup games, and increase conversions with fully customizable discounts.

Customize the design of the popups to match your brand with an easy-to-use editor. EcomSend also integrates with any email marketing apps, such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, SMSBump, and Privy. 

14. Poptin ‑ Email & Exit Pop Ups

Create pop ups, email contact forms, exit intent popup & discount pop ups that drive more sales

Poptin is the ultimate solution for converting visitors into sales and reducing cart abandonment. With its vast collection of customizable templates, you can create various types of pop ups, hello bars, and embedded contact forms.

Choose from options like lightbox email pop up, exit intent pop ups, discount coupon popups, newsletter pop ups, notification bars, wheel of fortune, and spinwheel to create engaging campaigns. The no-code popup maker makes it easy to create announcement bars, popup messages, and email forms.

Additionally, you can integrate newsletter popups, website forms, and sticky bars to your email/CRM tools. With popup triggers, targeting rules, AB testing, and analytics, you can optimize your campaigns and convert quality leads. Improve your Shopify pop ups and email popup forms with Poptin.

15. Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners

Use popups and banners to collect emails and phone numbers from visitors and boost sales!

Pop Convert ‑ Pop Ups, Banners: The ultimate app to boost your online business! Capture leads, increase subscribers and drive traffic to specific URLs with customizable pop ups, smart bars and banners. Share coupons, announcements and messages with ease.

The drag and drop editor makes it simple to create personalized widgets for your online store. Smart bars ensure important information is always visible. Improve customer communication by adding your own smart announcements - all fully customizable to match your store's look and feel.

16. Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

Build powerful custom forms without coding.
More customization options can help increase leads.

Pify Form Builder-Contact Form is a powerful app that saves you time and helps you connect with your customers to get more leads and sales. You can create customized forms like Contact Form, Order Form, Wholesale Order Form, and more. With automatic customer creation and integration options, you can easily automate your processes. Plus, you can use the app to create custom email templates, messages, and form styles without any coding. The app also offers lots of form templates and supports multiple steps and conditional logic. Choose Pify Form Builder-Contact Form to boost your sales and streamline your processes.

There are many great Shopify popup apps available on appstore that can help you boost your sales. The best app for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, all of the apps on this list offer a variety of features that can help you create effective popups that convert visitors into customers