Top 15 Best Shopify Mobile App Builder Apps in 2024

With so many Shopify mobile app builders apps to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is right for your business. Here are the top 15 for 2024.

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Shaswat Saxena


April 16, 2024

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Looking to create your own branded app for your Shopify store? Look no further than mobile app builder Shopify apps! With these apps, you can send direct push notifications to your customers about new products, sales, and insider discounts, all while building brand loyalty.

These apps also offer customizable design options, making it easy to create an app that truly reflects your brand. Plus, with features like product reviews, social sharing, and in-app purchases, you can boost engagement and sales all from the convenience of your customers' mobile devices.

So why wait? Explore the best mobile app builder Shopify apps today and take your online store to the next level!

What are Shopify Mobile app builder apps ?

A mobile app builder is a must-have app for any online store that wishes to expand its reach and engage with customers. With a mobile app builder, merchants can easily create and customize their own mobile app without any coding knowledge.

This app category provides a wide range of benefits, including increased brand awareness, improved customer engagement, and higher conversion rates. By having a mobile app, merchants can reach out to customers on-the-go and offer a seamless shopping experience.

The apps also provide features like push notifications, which can be used to promote sales, new products, and special offers. Overall, a mobile app builder is a powerful tool for any online store looking to stay competitive and connect with customers in a more meaningful way.

1. Tapcart ‑ Mobile App Builder

Tapcart is a mobile app builder helping stores to improve mobile conversions and retain customers.

Tapcart ‑ Mobile App Builder instantly syncs with your Shopify store's backend, allowing you to build a mobile app without any coding. By offering a load-free shopping experience and unlimited push notifications, increase your revenue with direct messaging access to your audience.

Plus, enjoy the benefits of advanced features and Shopify integrations. With industry-leading customer support, our team of experts will help you create, launch, and manage your app in a matter of weeks.

2. Vajro ‑ Mobile App Builder

Tap into a sales channel specifically built for your growing business. Growth-focused, mobile driven

Vajro is the perfect mobile app builder for Shopify businesses seeking an effortless shopping experience. With Vajro, you can create a high-converting mobile app that boosts revenue, customer loyalty, and sales.

This app offers unparalleled support with dedicated managers available 24/7, and it integrates easily with all major Shopify plugins. The platform also features unlimited push notifications, live selling, and multi-language and currency options to help you reach a global audience. 

3. Shopney ‑ Mobile App Builder

Turn your store into iOS & Android mobile apps. Generate more sales and decrease marketing ad spend.

Shopney - Mobile App Builder creates a world-class mobile app that outperforms your mobile website in just a few hours. Boost sales with better shopping and increased mobile conversion rates. Enjoy unlimited, automated push notifications, the most effective marketing tool available, and save on your marketing ad spend.

Shopney offers perfect product merchandising with various theme options in both PDP and PLP, a personalized shopping experience, and in-app live chat. With rich integration options with top Shopify apps, you can bring your must-have apps along.

Shopney provides exceptional customer support, smart tools, insights, and tactics to get app installs.

4. Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder

Turn your online store into a mobile app to increase sales, improve retention & return on ad spend.

Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder is your answer to a seamless mobile app experience. This Shopify Plus Certified app helps increase conversions with personalized push notifications.

With extensive integrations, advanced analytics, and 24/7 support, you'll see your sales skyrocket and ad spend decrease. Match the look and feel of your Shopify store with a no-code custom app, convert abandoned carts with unlimited push notifications, and track in-app data for growth. 

5. Mobile App Builder ‑MageNative

Build the simplest & fastest native apps with no-code mobile app builder today in minimum spend.

Introducing Mobile App Builder ‑MageNative, the coolest app maker for Android & iOS. With zero code and drag n drop features, you can easily build your dream app in minutes. MageNative offers everything you need for a user-centric app, and with no hidden fees, you pay only for what you need.

Take your business to the next level with app-only discounts, premium themes, and advanced app analytics. Boost your app's appeal with AR, image search, and social login features. Plus, with multi-language and currency support, your app can reach a wider audience and increase transaction scopes.

6. Mobile App Builder ‑ Swipecart

No code mobile app builder to convert your store into a mobile application

Swipecart is a mobile app builder that boosts conversions, revenue, and recurring orders. It enables you to update products, prices, and promotions in real-time without coding. With unlimited push notifications, you can easily re-engage with customers.

Get assistance from start to finish to ensure mobile app success. Enjoy an iOS and Android mobile application for your store, abandoned cart recovery through push notifications, and detailed analytics on app usage and audience segmentation.

7. Evlop ‑ Mobile app builder

Convert eCommerce store to high-converting native android & iOS mobile apps to grow your business.

Evlop - the ultimate mobile app builder for eCommerce store owners! Boost your sales and improve user retention with our easy-to-use platform that allows you to create native Android and iOS mobile apps within 60 minutes without any coding or design skills. With Evlop, you can enhance your customers' mobile shopping experiences and expand your business globally with our app localization feature.

Plus, the platform provides better communication touch points with your customers to improve conversions and increase your ROI. Experience the benefits of our extensive documentation and dedicated support. 

8. ‑ Mobile app

Grow your brand with our truly extendable and brand-first mobile commerce platform on the market - Mobile app is the perfect solution for brands that want to create a truly unique and personalized native app experience for their customers. Our flexible and customizable platform makes it easy to design custom themes and workflows, and make changes quickly.

With our robust ecosystem of partners and plugins, you can achieve parity across web and mobile, extend functionality, and personalize your app with ease. Plus, you can make ongoing changes yourself and iterate quickly to keep your app up-to-date. 

9. PWA & Mobile app ‑ Ampify

Turn your store into an app in seconds. Monetize your customers through web push notifications.

PWA & Mobile app - Ampify can transform your online store into a mobile app, providing customers with a better shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of conversions. Using push notifications, you can recover abandoned carts, announce sales, and turn intent into sales.

The app can be downloaded directly from your site, and no coding is required. With advanced caching, the app provides superior performance and supports offline browsing. 

10. Mobile App Builder ‑ Mowico

Boost Conversion in Minutes with a Native Mobile App Builder

Mowico is the ultimate solution for getting your very own IOS & Android Native Mobile App in just 3 simple steps. With its drag-and-drop design function, you can customize every single detail of your catalogs and product listings without any coding.

It works seamlessly with all plug-ins and is perfect for multi-language stores. Engage with your customers using advanced push notifications and enjoy hassle-free settings. Mowico also offers real-time screen preview and AR/VR shopping, allowing you to fine-tune categories, product details, and images in no time.

11. Venn Apps ‑ Mobile App Builder

Turn your store into a native iOS & Android mobile app within minutes and without writing any code.

Venn Apps - Mobile App Builder is the ultimate solution for transforming your Shopify store into a native iOS and Android app in minutes without any coding. The app is synchronized instantly with your Shopify store and supports conditional tagging and metafields, ensuring that its functionality stays dynamic.

With unlimited push notifications, you can schedule or automate abandoned cart notifications and integrate with all your favorite 3rd party apps. You can keep track of user activities and make real-time or scheduled changes.

Moreover, the app also supports one-click checkout with Apple & Google Pay, multi-currency, language, and clone store support, making it a complete package for enhancing your Shopify store.

12. Mobile App Builder ‑ Drobile

Launch a 5-star mobile app for your brand in 48 hours. No coding required.

Meet Drobile - the ultimate mobile app builder that customizes and publishes your app, freeing you to focus on growing your business. Benefit from a personalized mobile app experience that you can manage and update in real-time, from login to checkout.

With Drobile, enjoy a 3x higher conversion rate than a mobile website, 10x more responsive users to push notifications, and the convenience of launching a 5-star app for your brand in just 48 hours. Edit your app on-the-go, using our drag & drop mobile app editor, and offer multi-currencies and translations. Plus, receive detailed analytics on your app's performance. 

13. Hulk Mobile App Builder

Enjoy a stress-free mobile app-building experience with our Mobile App Builder.

Hulk Mobile App Builder simplifies app creation for businesses. Build your own mobile app without coding expertise and enhance customer experience. Boost sales and save time with real-time push notifications and mobile insights.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the interactive dashboard is user-friendly and integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook. Plus, enjoy a seamless checkout experience with the single-page feature.

14. Shoppy ‑ Mobile App Builder

Shoppy is the first European mobile app builder designed exclusively for Fashion-Brands.

Shoppy - Mobile App Builder is the perfect tool to stay ahead of the curve and set the standard for your competitors. Boost your brand's visibility by being present on your customers' smartphones. Engage your audience through push notifications and surpass your competitors who are still struggling with their email open rates.

With a streamlined checkout process and a personalized shopping experience, customers can easily store their products in their cart. Enhance your store's aesthetic and optimize the user experience to increase sales and strengthen customer relationships.

15. eStore2App Mobile App Builder

eStore2App mobile app builder will help you to convert your store into a complete mobile app.

eStore2App Mobile App Builder can help you quickly launch Android and iOS mobile apps for your online store. With this app, your customers will be able to access all the features of your Shopify website on their phones.

By using eStore2App, you can increase customer engagement, generate more revenue through mobile commerce, and save development costs. Plus, it's secure and doesn't require any coding thanks to its drag-and-drop feature.

These top mobile app builders for Shopify offer a wide range of features and capabilities to cater to different business needs. Whether you're looking for a no-code solution or a more customizable app-building experience, these platforms empower merchants to take their Shopify stores to the mobile realm, reaching and engaging customers on their smartphones.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and elevate your e-commerce business to new heights.