9 Best AI Audio Editing tools in 2024

Let AI help you edit your audio more easily and efficiently. Improve the sound of your audio recordings with these 9 best AI audio editing tools in 2024

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Nandini Gangwar


February 8, 2024

Best AI Audio Editing tools in 2023

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What are AI Audio Editing tools?

AI audio editing tools are software programs that use artificial intelligence to enhance, edit, mix, and modify audio files. These tools can help you to improve the quality of your audio recordings, remove background noise, adjust the volume, and add sound effects or music to make your audio projects more professional. 

What are the benefits of AI Audio Editing tools?

AI-based audio editing tools are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. These tools offer a range of benefits that can help audio professionals, content creators, and even casual users to achieve high-quality audio editing results efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the key benefits of using AI audio editing tools:

1. Time-saving: AI audio editing tools can automate many time-consuming and tedious tasks involved in audio editing, such as noise reduction, equalization, and compression. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to edit audio, allowing users to focus on more creative aspects of the project.

2. Improved accuracy: AI algorithms are highly accurate and can quickly identify and correct errors in audio recordings. This can help to minimize mistakes and ensure that the final product is of high quality.

3. Accessible: AI audio editing tools are increasingly affordable and accessible, making them available to a broader range of users. This means that even small businesses and individuals can take advantage of the benefits of AI-powered audio editing.

Let's see some of the best ai audio editing tools that will blow your mind!

1. Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is a web-based audio recording and editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of your recordings. It allows you to record with others remotely, edit audio using a transcript, and enhance speech to remove background noise and sharpen your voice's frequencies.

Here are some of the features of Adobe Podcast:

You can record with others remotely by sharing a link. Everyone's audio is recorded in high quality locally, then Adobe Podcast syncs it back together in the cloud automatically.

Powered by Adobe Premiere Pro's speech-to-text technology, Adobe Podcast lets you easily edit audio using a transcript. This makes it easy to find and edit specific parts of your recording, and to add titles and descriptions to your episodes. Adobe Podcast's Enhance Speech feature uses artificial intelligence to remove background noise and sharpen your voice's frequencies. This makes your recordings sound more professional and polished.

2. Voicemod


Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard software for Windows and macOS. It allows users to change their voice in real time, without the need for any pre-recording. Voicemod has a wide range of features, including over 90 different voices and effects, full integration with popular games and applications, and optimized performance.

Voicemod is a popular choice for gamers and content creators. It can be used to change your voice for a variety of purposes, such as pranking friends, role-playing in games, or creating more engaging content. Voicemod is also a great tool for people who want to experiment with their voice and find new ways to express themselves.

Voicemod changes your voice in real time, so you can use it while you're gaming, talking to friends, or recording videos.It has a wide range of voices and effects to choose from, so you can find the perfect sound for your needs.

 Voicemod can be used with popular games and applications, such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Rust, Fortnite, Discord, Skype and Twitch. It is optimized for performance, so it won't slow down your games or applications.

3. Krisp


Krisp is an AI tool that removes background noise during online meetings and calls. It uses advanced AI technology to cancel out voices, noises, and echo, resulting in a distraction-free conversation. Krisp is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and it has a one-click setup. It also ensures data privacy because it has encryption and does not collect audio data. Furthermore, it provides insights such as talk time, meeting engagement, and call summaries for better communication.

Krisp is ideal for remote workers who want clear and distraction-free online meetings and calls, educators and students who want better virtual classroom experiences, and businesses aiming to improve communication quality during online conferences and client calls.

4. Maverick


Maverick is an AI-powered video marketing tool designed for personalized customer interactions in ecommerce stores. It seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. With minimal setup required, it comes with pre-built scripts and templates to enhance customer experience.

The tool automates personalization by creating one video and automatically customizing it for each customer. Maverick offers various use cases ideal for ecommerce businesses such as welcome messages, post-purchase videos, and abandoned cart videos. By increasing email interactions and repeat purchases, it drives revenue and engagement.

It reduces refund requests by providing personalized customer support. Maverick offers a powerful solution for ecommerce stores looking to improve their customer interactions and marketing efforts. It also comes with a free demo and expert support.

5. Beatoven.ai


Beatoven.ai is an AI tool that generates unique music based on moods for video content. It collects user preferences and behavior data to create personalized experiences. The tool uses advanced AI techniques to produce music with cutting-edge technology. Beatoven.ai is GDPR compliant and ensures user privacy and data protection through cookie tracking and preference management.

This tool is ideal for video producers seeking personalized music to enhance their content, content creators looking for unique and mood-based music, and advertisers aiming to improve viewer engagement with tailored music. Overall, Beatoven.ai offers a powerful and intuitive solution for generating personalized music to elevate video production experiences.

6. Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice AI

"Cleanvoice AI" is a tool that uses AI to improve audio recordings by eliminating filler words, mouth sounds, and stuttering. It has several features such as multilingual support, timeline export, and audio improvement. The tool is useful for podcasters, voice-over artists, and content creators who want to enhance the quality of their audio recordings.

It can detect and remove filler sounds in multiple languages and accents, remove clicking, lip-smacking, and dead air from recordings, and allows users to export the timeline and visualize suggested edits for more control and time-saving. With a free 30-minute trial and no credit card required, Cleanvoice AI is an accessible solution for those who want to improve their audio recordings.

7. MusicLM


MusicLM is an innovative tool that generates high-quality music at 24 kHz. It uses a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence model to create consistent music that lasts for several minutes. This tool outperforms previous music generation models in terms of audio quality and adherence to text descriptions. One of its key features is the ability to condition the music generation on both text and melody inputs.

The publicly available MusicCaps dataset also supports ongoing research in the field of music generation. MusicLM can be used to create original music for various projects, transform whistled or hummed melodies according to a style described in a text caption, enhance video or film projects with custom-generated music, and produce unique background music for podcasts, presentations, or live performances. If you're interested in advancing research in the field of music generation, then MusicLM is a great tool to consider.

8. Adobe Enhance Speech

Adobe Enhance Speech

Adobe Enhance Speech is an AI-driven audio filter that enhances the quality of spoken audio recordings by eliminating background noises, reverberations, and distortions. It automatically optimizes volume, pitch, and frequency levels, removes errors such as mispronunciations and stutters, and adds customized audio effects like reverb and echo.

This tool is ideal for podcasters, content creators, video editors, and anyone who needs clear and professional audio quality for their conference calls and webinars. With Adobe Enhance Speech, you can optimize spoken audio recordings with AI technology and create studio-like sound quality.

9. Audyo


Audyo is an AI-powered tool that creates and edits human-like voices by typing. With Audyo, users can generate high-quality audio content without the need for extensive audio editing expertise. One of its key features is its easy audio creation, which allows users to edit words instead of manipulating waveform data. Audyo also offers customization options, such as switching speakers and tweaking pronunciations using phonetics for greater control over the resulting audio.

It's convenient to use, with seamless sign-in through Google. Audyo is ideal for podcasters, video producers, and marketers looking to create engaging audio content for promotional purposes. Overall, it offers a streamlined solution for generating high-quality audio content with minimal effort.